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ehartsay's Journal

30 September 1978
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I have a BA in Anthropology from Indiana University Bloomington, an MA in Egyptology from the Oriental Institue of the University of Chicago and am currently teaching a course in Classical Mythology at Indiana/Purdue University at Fort Wayne.

I only date a few times a year, and I can be socially very shy (except in classes to my detriment!). The fact that I am celibate (and quite possibly asexual) probably doesn't help on the dating front...

I am a mix of Episcopal, Catholic, Eastern Orthadox, a touch of liberal Lutheran and Unitarian, I am also attracted to paganism, spellcasting and Egyptian Religion.

2 summers (1999-200)
Field Tech
Indiana University/Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) Archaeological Survey
-Phase I - III
survey, field - walking, strip trench supervision, deep trench excavation and (geomorph)stratigraphy, feature excavtion, limited historical excavation laboratory preparation of artifacts

June - August 2001
American Expedition to Petra (AEP)
Petra (southern Jordan)
- broad area excavation, feature excavation, artifact preparation

August - December 2003
Field Tech for Granger & Associates
Phase I at Old Brownsbourough Crossing, Louisville, Kentucky
- Phase I survey, foot survey, shovel probe survey, foot survey on machine assisted plow strips,taped survey, mapping, preparation of final maps, artifact cleaning & preparation, artifact photography, artifact tabulation, publication

April-October 2004: Research Assistant, Brauer Museum of Art, Valparaiso University
January-April 2005: Lecturer, Art of the Ancient World, IPFW
Current: Associate Professor.

My research books (Egyptology all the way! - I've got at last count 189 books JUST specifically Egyptology... thats not counting the books on the rest of the Ancient Near East [Sumerian, Akkadian, etc] or the general Archaeology, Anthropology, religion, etc heh...)

Lovecraft (I am a BIG Cthulhu fan)
Lord of the Rings
The Silmarillion
The Appendixes

Fav TV shows (past and present):

The X-Files
Friday the 13th
Early Edition + It's a Miracle (both on Pax - 8:00 + 10:00pm central)
Will & Grace
Dharma & Greg
I also like Smallville on the few times I've seen it, that 70's Show, Scare Tactics, etc

Music: Steeleye (Rock versions of 17th century ballads and folk songs), Nick Cave (esp. "Murder Ballads"), Devil Doll (Dies Irae), Mozart (esp. Don Giovanni), Schubert (the Trout), Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring,
Rhapsody (Power of the Dragon Flame, Rain of a Thousand Flames, Symphony of Enchanted Lands II), Luca Turilli, Les Mis, Phantom, Loreena Mckenit (sp?), "Music of the Cthulhu Cultus" (ia Cthulhu fhtagn!), Grass Roots, Led Zepplin, some Gospel

I take people as they are - I try to accept everyone as they are without expecting a 'proper' social mask of conventionality, normalicy or 'coolness'. I like to be able to interact with people AS people, as the true person I am and as the true person they are- not as the person I am 'supposed'to be interesting in talking with or connecting with.

I try to love, like or at least tolerate everyone I interact with (even if they are not the nicest people). It has been REALLY hard with a few people lately, but I still try to be nice-although I am really starting to have the urge to %@^%&^*(^!@. I try and hold myslf to as high a standard of cnduct and interaction as I can and assume the best about people if they have not proven the worst about themselves.
Even then I want to be able to like them, and try to give them the chance to prove a certain amount of human feeling.

I really don't like extremists of any stripe, religious or otherwise, who try to force their views on me. I think that this goes in with the fact that I do NOT like people who are intentionally cruel to anyone else (people or animals) either physically or mentally.
I think that this impulse plays into the psyche of many people who try to force their ways on other people. Not only do they want to 'punish' people who do not think the way they do, they want to use their beliefs as a device of torture to harm other people, without seeming to be bad guys.
I just don't GET people who get off on saying or doing things to hurt someone else.
I have in the past said things that were nasty or hurtful in response to someone else's behavior, and have never yet failed to feel ashamed afterwards. I don't understand people who would actually feel GOOD about something like that.

I also really have a problem with people who take their right to be in a certain place, to take advantage of freedoms and to do what they want and try to turn it into a right to hamper MY right to do those things as well and to get in my space.
I don't like people who completely ignore the concept of "your right to swing your fist ends where th other person's nose begins" or take it as refering ONLY to other people's fists, not theirs.
This doesn't just have to do with disruptive behavior, but also with ideas, politics and religion.

I can't stand it when people act as though their 'rights' include the 'right' to impose their beliefs and values onto other people.
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